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  Designing Advanced Process Control Systems and applying them to the production of ceramic insulators, cement and steel as well as energy reduction and management of manufacturers
  Since the establishment of the company, over 100 advanced process control systems have been applied successfully  to the production of large state-owned enterprises all over China and enabled these enterprises to reduce the cost of production and save a lot of energy.

Energy Conservation, Emissions Reduction and Waste Heat Utilization

Energy Conservation, Emissions Reduction

With the rapid growth of the world economy, humans exhaust a lot of natural resources and pay the high cost of environmental destruction. Economic development is running into a fierce conflict with the protection of environment in China. The public opinions all over the world show their great concern for the problem of the environmental pollution and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by global warming. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to persist in saving raw materials and reducing pollution and danger in the industrial production

Waste Heat Utilization

The waste heat is the energy we have not yet fully utilized at present. The waste heat refers to seven kinds of waste energy resources including the hot flue gas waste heat, cooling medium heat, waste water waste heat, high temperature steam products and slag waste heat, chemical reaction waste heat, flammable liquid waste gas and waste heat and the remaining pressure in a high fluid pressure .
Our investigation shows that the total of industry waste heat accounts for about 17%-67% of the total fuel consumption and the waste heat that can be recycled makes up 60% of the total waste heat resources.

Our company’s control system applied in the energy management of industrial manufacturers is playing a more and more important role in power saving, water conservation as well as waste heat utilization in the industrial production.


Core technology

Advanced control technologies to the industrial kiln control

In recent 10 years the traditional automatic control technology is used widely in industrial production; meanwhile, a series of advanced automatic control technology developed on the basis of modern control theory has entered the practical stage gradually. The popularization of electronic information technology and computer application has also created the condition for the advanced control technology to enter the field of traditional automation industry. This article will present the application of self-adaptation fuzzy control, interior mould control, soft measure, fault-tolerance and other advanced control technologies to the industrial kiln control with some
relevant examples and also introduces the prospect of the development of these technologies.

Techniques applied to the Automation of Porcelain Insulator Manufacture

Our company applies the following controlling techniques to the porcelain insulator production. First we combine the kiln temperature control with the atmosphere control within the kiln and then divide the control interval on the basis of a single fire way or multiple fire ways. Second, we install a device in each control intervals for measuring the flow of air and gas and also a sensor for measuring the temperature. In addition, we install the actuators controlling the air and gas flow. This control technique ensures a large quantity of porcelain insulator products to reach the high quality requirement of our clients. Moreover, if the  firing curve (formula)is well adjusted, the quality of the porcelain insulator in the batch production will be very stable. In recent years, our company has designed dozens of firing control systems to the automatic production of high voltage porcelain insulators for large sized manufacturers in China.

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